Caycedian Sophrology and the Dying

Caycedian Sophrology and the Dying

It’s extremely difficult to explain in words what Cayedian Sophrology is, because of the creative way in which it’s moved out (through experiencing) and because of its vastness. Conversely its exercise remains child’s play.
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But I will state that it is largely predicated on: Phenomenology/Philosophy, Medicine, Technology, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Zen and Tummo. Hence combining a massive level of understanding from the East and West and protecting all areas of our human existence. It is designed to quickly let us to find and build ourselves on every level. Also works extremely well to as a preventive therapy (in prophylaxis). By practicing particular techniques we figure out how to normally make the most of our living, without any kind of medication.

C. Sophrology has been patented in the OMPI (The Earth Intellectual House Organization) in Geneva, with the addition of “Caycedian” in order to differentiate and defend it from all other therefore named Sophrology. While the technique is only 50 years of age, it holds an extremely encouraging future. Unlike a great many other sciences it has been scientifically tried, tested and approved. Every person that has tried Caycedian Sophrology can ensure that it’s the fastest, most efficient discipline in helping mankind Sophrologie Angers, with sustained effects.

The founder of Caycedian Sophrology, Prof. Caycedo, a Spanish doctor, neurologist and phenomenologist specific his life time performs on medical/scientific research. And his on going investigations are beyond uncertainty leading to one of many best breakthroughs in the overall wellness of the human species. As he has certainly prevailed in making a effective, correct and Vivencial (performed in a living reality) method, supported by scientific evidence.

To express that it delivers human anatomy and brain into harmony – enables us to control tension more effectively – or adds more delight, peace and love (which are typical true), only scratches the surface. None the less, each of my articles provides you usually closer in knowledge what C. Sophrology is.

Everyone must have heard of sophrology, while the tendency of option medication it is organic any particular one learns more about it elsewhere. For the uninitiated sophrology identifies pleasure wellbeing and breathing. In fact, it’s a lot more than that.

To start with, sophrology is really a few years previous invention. It was developed in Spain in 1960 by way of a Colombian neuro-psychiatrist, Dr. Alfonso Caycedo. Rejecting the hard core techniques of psychiatry, he developed a fresh technique that is more respectful of patients and requires into consideration their personality and their peculiarities. It absolutely was focused to establish the understanding of psychological patients to help them get better.

The goal of this approach is to determine or recover equilibrium between human anatomy and mind. The inventor of the strategy has been influenced by Western practices like yoga and meditation and is in conjunction with American pleasure techniques. All of this increases recognition to beat the anxieties, doubts and tensions.

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