Sony LCD TVs – Facts Before You Purchase

Sony LCD TVs – Facts Before You Purchase

March has just seen Sony release their latest internet ready TVs. Sony has a great reputation for quality and innovation and these Tv sets are no exception. They have streamlined their offering into 3 ranges – Low, Medium and Large. This makes it a lot better to understand and work out which TV is right for you.

Their mid range looks to me as the one where you get the most cost effective for your money with a lot of the features from previous year’s top quality models integrated in them as standard and for a competitive price.

All 3 models can hook up to your home network using WI-FI. A small dongle is required (which is included) to make this possible. This means as well as watching content from the internet you can also hook up to your SONY KD-85XD8505 and view video and pictures stored on it.

From the internet you can hook up to YouTube, NetFlix, Facebook and the Sony Entertainment System (with countless entertainment options over 36 channels) and more. You can watch all this in HD as long as your online link speed is up to it (recommended speed is 10 mbps). By installing widgets you can modify your viewing experience to include news, sport statements, Facebook, Twitter and more.

If you want to make use of it for gaming you not only get quality images you can also change it over to game mode and the clear images will fit the whole screen – no more annoying black structures.

Sony also have included a Theatre way of watching movies. Utilizing a technology called Sony’s 24p True Movie theater technology the viewing experience is now more like watching a movie at the cinema rather than viewing it TV.

You get to watch this all in high definition with full 1080p resolution, EDGE LED backlighting and XR240 Motionflow to get clear and fuzzy free images whilst watching fast action. This technology also gives images with more level.

The SONY KD-85XD8505 World wide web Ready TVs are which makes it a reality for everyone who is desires to watch and see the internet over their tv, something that could only be talked about in the 1990s when the internet was launched. The Fiat Bravia Internet TVs have definitely been worth the wait.