Why I love to travel alone

Why I love to travel alone

When was the last time you took a time off for yourself? Maybe you took it a few days back but you just relaxed back and binge watched netflix all day. Today I will share with you why you should travel to some place all alone. I have been solo traveling all around the globe all alone. And I discovered myself a lot during these period. I figured out how fashion geek I am. Which made me carry the best travel jacket along with me every trip. I like to look cool even while traveling. So yes this was a small rant about why I love traveling. So without further ado let us get into the details of why you should be traveling alone!


You get to discover yourself:


I know this may sound a bit girly. But trust me especially if you are a guy you will discover a side of yourself you never imagined. For me this side was my obsession with jackets. Traveling alone made me fall in lov with the fact of how much I adore wearing good looking jackets. Still to this day wherever I go I search for the best travel jacket to buy. Overall, I fell in love with fashion. I read different fashion magazines of different countries and region. And figured every country or even city has their own sense of what fashionable is! So to discover yourself completely try to travel to some place alone even if it is once a year or so. Trust me you will start loving yourself more!


You start conquering you fear!


This is somewhat related to discovering yourself. Before I traveled alone I was always afraid of the dark. This fear was not something similar to what a child feels when left alone to sleep in the dark. My fear of the dark was different. The dark made me think of memories which were not fond to me. Memories which would keep me awake for all night. I did not fear that a ghost would jump on me in the dark rather my fear was something else. Soon after I started traveling I started believing in myself. I started overcoming those fears. I stopped thinking about negative aspects of life. And started thinking positively. This not just only changed my fear but also changed me as a human being. The loss of fear meant I could focus more in life and give out more positivity.

You get to clear up your brain:

Almost everyone you see is tired of living their day to day life. Living that nine to five office life then coming back home to whatever of time is left. Doing things which does not make us internally happy. WHen you start traveling alone you can clear up you mind a lot! For me to clear up my mind I trip to someplace and shop for the best travel jackets out there. This was I can have some time to myself. To think about what I want to do in life. So try traveling this winter someplace alone!


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